Our budget story

How we moved forward from making poor money choices to planning our spending.

Bennett and Hannah
Illustration by Chelsea Linaeve.
  • 1In California on our honeymoon, we called our credit card to expand our credit limit.
  • 2We kept using it like it was cash in the bank. That credit card debt continued growing.
  • 3We were not on the same page financially.
  • 4Life kept happening, our car brakes went out. So, we got a car loan and bought a used car.
  • 5Turns out that Mini Cooper was a lemon.
  • 6So, we rolled that car loan into another to buy a newer car.
  • 7This car payment (including our student loans, mortgage, credit card, and more) created a limiting lifestyle.
  • 8Because of these choices, we learned we needed to have a plan (budget).
  • 9We attended our first financial class together, and learned the basics of budgeting.
  • 10We then saved up our first $1,000 emergency fund.
  • 11Then, we started paying off our smaller debts to see if budgeting could actually work.
  • 12Even though it was not easy, we realized budgeting does work and it gives you control over your spending.
  • 13This new control allowed us to plan for fun memories.
  • 14While paying off our debt, we planned for a lifetime trip to Switzerland (and paid for the entire trip with cash)
  • 15Today — we continue budgeting every paycheck to plan our spending, and working our way through our debt-free journey.
  • 16As of March 28, 2020, we have paid off $48,000 and are attacking the rest of our debt. All of this has motivated us to help others do the same and live a life that God has intended us to live.

Get started with budgeting today.